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  Lightning Detectors Admin

PPD Lightning Warning System information Updated 3/7/2012

For specific information about the system and operation click the following link to get to the Palatine Park District Website:  http://www.palatineparkdistrict.com/lightning.html

In 2011, the Palatine Park District installed the Strike Guard Lighting Warning systems at specific parks (detailed information on the systems operations and locations can be found on both the PPD and PYB/S websites).  It is expected that when actual lightning strikes have been detected (no false alarms) within the warning area, the park systems in that zone will provide warning. When lightning has been detected, notice to take shelter is provided. One long (15-second) siren will sound, and a strobe will flash on the unit and everyone should immediately seek shelter. After the Strike Guard System determines conditions are safe, (20 minutes of no lightning) the siren will sound three five-second intermittent blasts and the strobe will go off, providing notice that it is safe to resume activity in this area.

Every attempt should be made to continue the game if the Lightning system gives the all clear and as long as the umpire has not declared conditions as unplayable (field, darkness, etc.).  Obviously, if the delay continues too long, a point will be reached where there won't be enough time to restart the game and get enough innings to make it a "complete game". 

•   The maximum length of delay is 30 minutes from the initial siren.  If the all clear siren (three five-second intermittent blasts) does NOT sound within 30 minutes, the game is considered suspended unless requirements of an official game have been met.        

•   Delayed games on weekends or at lighted fields should NOT restart within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time of the next scheduled game.  If the all clear siren does NOT sound before this 30 minute window, the game is considered suspended unless requirements of an official game have been met.

•   Resumed games will end either when called by the umpire (for example darkness) or at the start time of the next scheduled game.      

 In the event that lighting is witnessed and the siren has not sounded (if at a park with a system) or if not heard (if at a remote site), the game should stop immediately, regardless of the inning.  All participants should leave the field immediately.  The game will be considered a suspended game unless requirements of an official game have been met.  No attempts should be made to "wait it out" as if the Strike guard Lightning System were operating.