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Who We Are Updated 3/14/2015

Palatine Youth Baseball/Softball is an affiliate of the Palatine Park District. Our organization is staffed completely by VOLUNTEERS. The volunteers provide over 1900 children, boys and girls ages 5 through 6th grade, with the opportunity to participate in youth baseball and softball. These children play in over 2200 games on 29 different fields during a season.

Board meetings are held the second Thursday of every month starting at 7:30 pm in the off-season and 8:30 pm during the season. Everyone is welcome to attend Board meetings. If you wish to address the Board, please email the Secretary of PYB/S, at, to be placed on the agenda. The Board is always in need of more volunteer help. Please volunteer.

Philosophy Updated 2/22/2012

PYB/S is structured to gradually introduce competition to young boys and girls as they grow and mature as players. From ages 5-8 we do not keep score or maintain standings. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals and letting children learn how much fun playing baseball and softball can be. Beginning at age 9 scoring, standings and playoffs are introduced. However, the focus throughout PYB/S is teaching fundamentals, giving all children opportunities to play key positions and most importantly letting the players enjoy the game!

The Board of PYB/S recognizes that striving to win is an important, even vital part of sports as children get older. But we emphatically believe that no efforts in striving to win should be made at the expense of the athlete's well-being, development and enjoyment. Please remember that the challenge and joy of the sport is experienced through striving to win, not through winning itself.