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  Umpires Admin

Umpire Application Updated 1/9/2018

We are now accepting Umpire applications for the 2018 season (beginning in January thru mid-February). Training for both baseball and softball begins February 19th and runs thru March 21st.  You must be at least 14 years old by May 1st, 2017.  Experienced IHSA patched umpires also welcome.  See pay rates in box below.

Send completed applications to dzimmer8@comcast.net.  Thank you for your interest.

2018 PYB/S Umpire Application

David Zimmer

PYB/S Umpire In Chief


UmpireTraining Schedule Updated 1/9/2018

Training will be held at the Community Center located at 250 E. Wood Street.

For new employees February 19th and 21st is set aside to complete all paperwork required to become a Palatine Park District Employee.

2018 Training Schedule

PYB/S Protective Equipment & Apparel

For a $75 deposit (check payable to Palatine Youth Baseball/Softball), the PYB/S Umpire Program provides a full set of equipment (facemask, chest protector, shin guards, ball bag, brush, indicator).  If you decide to keep the equipment, your check is cashed at the end of the season.  Otherwise, you can turn in the equipment at a designated time after the season and your check is returned.  In addition, you will receive an umpire shirt and hat for you to keep.

Deposit is due when equipment is distributed on gym night (Monday, March 19, 2018).  If you cannot attend gym night, it is your responsibility to have someone pick up your equipment.  Thank you.

Umpires are responsible to purchase gray pants, black shoes and belt on their own. 


Umpire Timesheet Updated 2/17/2016

All scheduling and time reporting is handled thru the Horizon Web Ref software.  All new umpires will receive notification thru an invitation email to join the system.  You will then need to update your personal information accordingly (date availability, e-mail addresses, cell phone provider and number, mailing address, Palatine Park District employee number, and IHSA number-if patched) in order to receive alerts about scheduling, game changes, etc. and the system creates timesheets to be electronically approved by your umpire coordinator.

After you receive your Palatine Park District Employee Number it must be entered into your Horizon Web Ref profile in order to receive pay. 

Questions will be addressed at training.

 Old Timesheet (no longer used)


IHSAD1 SoftballMustangD2 Softball
$60 $45 $40 $35


Payroll Schedule Updated 2/6/2018